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By Tracey Nichols: Reiki Master Teacher, Angel & Medical Intuitive, Chakra & Aura Therapist, Dream Therapist, Elemental Space Clearer, Medium, Published Author

MEDITATION: Different Forms for Different Purposes by Tracey Nichols from SPIRIT WISDOM

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How Energy flow and the Chakras affect your LIFE and BODY by Tracey Nichols from SPIRIT WISDOM

List of Articles Published in International Psychics Directory Written by Tracey Nichols


2010- Past Life Tea Leaf Readings


2011- Chakra Balancing at the Swing of a Pendulum


2012- Dreaming & Dreamwork


2013- Chakra Affirmations


2014- Higher Self Harmony: Intuitive Decision Making


2015- Develop Your Psychic Abilities: For Spiritual Communications & Guidance


2016- Your Guides Calling Cards- Never Miss a message


2017- Working with Sacred Signs


2018- The Permission Block- Give yourself Permission


2019- Cleared For Clarity


2020- Grounded for light

2021- Angel Numbers For Guidance.



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