I am a Reiki Master/Teacher (since 2003), Cert. Angel Intuitive with Advanced Training, Certified Angel Practitioner, Certified Archangel Life Coach, Chakra & Aura Therapist, Crystal Therapist, Dream Therapist, Advanced ThetaHealing practitioner, Animal Intuitive & Feng Shui & Paranormal Investigations, & have been teaching Reiki professionally since 2005..Though I keep the Reiki workshops to Reiki itself, I still teach the development of medical intuition in my workshops & Reiki shares..


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Reiki is an ancient Japanese hands on & non-invasive healing technique that channels the Universal life force energy that helps relieve pain & symptoms from sudden, acute or chronic ailments & symptoms. It speeds the natural healing process of the physical symptoms, as well as the causes of these symptoms, by working on all physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels. It is great for emotional & physical symptoms of stress, anxiety, & relaxation, & depression. Reiki also works well as prevention as it clears the toxins from within the body

& wards off disease by strengthening the immune system. Reiki acts where needed most, according to the individual’s needs & brings all aspects of the receiver's being into harmonious balance by making its way to the areas of imbalance, whether this is physical or emotional. It is suitable & safe for all ages, from babies to the elderly, including animals. Reiki puts you in a state of complete relaxation & harmonious balance, for your own highest good & for your personal & individual needs.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese hands on healing technique that helps relieve pain & symptoms from sudden, acute or chronic ailments. It speeds the natural healing process & treats the causes of the ailment as well as the physical symptoms by working on all physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels. It is great for stress, relaxation & depression. It clears the toxins from within the body & wards off disease by strengthening the immune system & so also works for the prevention of illness. Reiki acts where needed most, according to the individual’s needs & brings all aspects of the receiver's being into harmonious balance by making its way to the areas of imbalance. It is suitable & safe for all conditions, & all ages, from babies to the elderly, including animals.

Attunement to 2nd degree Reiki & Intensify your healing ability, learn 3 of 4 Reiki Symbols & learn how to give distant healings, as well as send healing to the past & future.

By Appointment - Bookings essential    

Time: 9am - 6pm         

Availability: 1 -2 people 
Cost: $350 per person

Follow Up: $50 per person

Cost Includes: Reiki 2 Handbook, attunement, tea & coffee. Shops are close by for half hour lunch break.

Follow up cost includes: (at least 1 month later): discussion of experiences & self practice, distant treatment experiences & feedback, Q&A, extra Reiki 2 techniques workbook, & certificate.

Phone 0405 559 561 to book a workshop, or to book your position in an already booked workshop.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the day. I found it great that it was so practical & personal. The one-on-one work was fantastic & I learnt so much. I had been given signs to come today & I now know why. Today was for me a day of learning Reiki, letting go of past issues & just enjoying the wonderful atmosphere. Thank you very much Tracey."     Sandra

"I completed Reiki 1 but didn't know till I had another Reiki Master to complete Reiki 2 exactly what I didn't know. I'm glad I was led to Tracey & completed by Reiki 2. I have learnt so much & feel directed to continue. I look forward to further learning with Tracey."    Suzanne K (Reiki 1 student from another Reiki Master Teacher)

"Tracey is a wonderful teacher. she makes certain everything is understood. I am very grateful for the opportunity to become Reiki 2.  Thank you Tracey."    Tricia (Now a Reiki Master Practitioner with me)

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Reiki 2 workshops booked with positions still available :


* Saturday, 2nd July, 2022.....Full

* Saturday, 30th July, 2022....1 position still available

OR contact me to organise a future date that suits you (4-6 weeks away)

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