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Reiki position leg

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Crystal Chakra Singing Bowls
Crystal Chakra Singing Bowls

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  1. Hands on Zenergy  Treatments: For any physical, emotional, or mental conditions. Chakra, Aura & Meridian Corrections/Rebalancing (with Reiki, Crystals, Sound & Angelic Therapy)

  2. Distant Reiki Treatments : Real Time or Receive at night 

(please see Distant healing page)

Treatments available are:

Feel Better Faster​

Feel Happier & Healthier

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Reiki is an ancient Japanese hands on & non-invasive healing technique that channels the Universal life force energy that helps relieve pain & symptoms from sudden, acute or chronic ailments & symptoms. It speeds the natural healing process of the physical symptoms, as well as the causes of these symptoms, by working on all physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels. It is great for emotional & physical symptoms of stress, anxiety, & relaxation, & depression. Reiki also works well as prevention as it clears the toxins from within the body

& wards off disease by strengthening the immune system. Reiki acts where needed most, according to the individual’s needs & brings all aspects of the receiver's being into harmonious balance by making its way to the areas of imbalance, whether this is physical or emotional. It is suitable & safe for all ages, from babies to the elderly, including animals. Reiki puts you in a state of complete relaxation & harmonious balance, for your own highest good & for your personal & individual needs.

Chakra, Aura & Meridian
Corrections & Rebalancing
with Reiki, Crystals, Sound & Angelic Therapy

Brings your energies & all of your energetic pathways back 

into balance for physical & emotional healing.

Feel completely relaxed during your treatment

while the Reiki goes to where ever it is needed for your highest & greatest good & brings your entire being

back into balance.

Healing continues to occur even after your actual treatment/s. 

Treatments: With you laying on my crystal meditation mat on my Reiki table, I use my clear quartz pendulum to perform a chakra analysis to find the state of your chakras, & which, if any, meridians contain blockages. I get you to hold energy balancing crystals, while I place & activate specific chakra crystals on your 7 major chakras, with extra crystals on any of the imbalanced chakras that were found during the chakra analysis. (Chakras can be found as open, underactive, overactive, stagnant, closed or blocked). Shaman stones are also used to further help with chakra balancing & alignment. I perform Full Body Reiki with a number of hand positions going from the head to your feet. Extra crystal therapy is performed, on all the chakras that were found with any imbalances, (including the use of the appropriate crystal chakra singing bowl), as well as meridian therapy, within the full body Reiki. I finish the treatment with aura cleansing with both crystal therapy & smudging techniques, & seal the healing in. I allow you to have a few minutes to remain still while I record all findings of your entire treatment. I gently wake you from your deep relaxation or sleep & all guidance & information received & passed on to you, is from the amount of & where the Reiki is being drawn, as well as directly from your Guides & Angels.

NB Deceased Loved Ones can make their presence known during your treatment..


Full Body Initial Appointments up to 2hrs (½hr FREE)

  • Initial Consultation & Treatment................. $155

  • July 2022 price .....$158


Further Treatments

(suggested at least one follow up treatment after initial consultation)

  • Standard appointments (up to 1½hr)..........$155

  • July 2022 price .....$158


NB- Medical History & clinical notes of treatment are recorded & kept confidential.

To Book an Appointment:



                          Phone 0405 559 561