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ABUNDANCE Masterclass Course

Making Your Money Work For You & Manifesting More

This masterclass course was created from a live online ABUNDANCE Webinar Masterclass I held in March, 2022.

I discussed over 18 topics, tips, techniques  and strategies that I have been using for decades that helped me as a single young adult, then my husband and I as a young family, to our current empty nested household, while doing the work that we love.

Many years ago, we stopped stressing about bills and we stopped living pay to pay.

We have been mortgage free and debt free since 2017, paying off our mortgage over 7 years in advance, and we are still enjoying life, without worrying about those pesky 'unexpected' expenses..

This video course will:

            provide you with heaps of practical and mental strategies you may not have considered or know,

            provide you with mental strategies, tips and techniques to get you out of the poverty mindset & into an abundance mindset,

as well as free you from financial & Mental stress and anxiety, 

           AND give you many energetic & magical tips, tools, techniques and rituals, that will help correct negative flow of energy, that either blocks money flowing in, or keeps more money flowing out etc..

Time: On Demand Online...Anytime

Cost: $88


 4 x videos (Total time 1hr 56min)

 1 x Table of Contents document (with times of every topic, for future references of information)

 4 x detailed pdf documents that what is shown in videos

 2 x Guides ('How to' documents..,, how to use, & how to create.. the spreadsheet)

 2 x Spreadsheet examples (used during the webinar)

 2 x Spreadsheet templates (prepared & blank for you to customise to your needs)

 2 x articles (1x from webinar & 1x bonus article)

 2 x Tapping scripts (from the webinar)

 2 x bonus tapping scripts (from money related private recorded tapping sessions).

ABUNDANCE Masterclass Course

When: As Soon As You Purchase

Where: In Your Home

Time: Anytime (2 hours of videos (4)

plus 16 bonuses

Cost: $88

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