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You have two options in participating in the 9 day Chakra Challenge.

Option 1: Do a 9 day challenge for yourself,


Option 2: Be part of the 9 day challenge online interactive course.

Here’s what you will be getting by participating.


In the 9 day Chakra Challenge, you will be:

  • getting to know each individual chakra of the 7 major chakra system

  • discovering how that day’s chakra is affecting your life and body,

  • beginning to balance each chakra

  • beginning to balance the entire chakra system.

  • beginning to improve all areas of your life and body


You will also be balancing and correcting the flow of your chakras that will begin changing, improving, healing and balancing the related areas in your life by:

  • understanding how your thoughts and emotions are affecting your chakras, your health, and your life

  • working with easy morning, afternoon and evening exercises that will be provided to you for over 9 consecutive days.


At the end of the 9 day Chakra Challenge, you will:

  • have personal insight as to how you your chakras, and your thoughts and emotions are affecting your life and body,

  • have already started the healing process of any energetic, physical or emotional imbalances

  • started healing and balances all areas of your life, and body

  • have some easy  tools and tips that you can use to continue healing and balancing your chakras, which will continue to positively benefit your life and body.


Also after the challenge, you will have:

  • have the basics and foundation of the chakras and the 7 chakra system

  • been prepared for further chakra corrections for the basic and advanced courses and workshops where you will learn more specific chakra correcting tools and techniques for the 7, 11 and 14 chakra systems


Once you have completed the full 9 day challenge, 

  • you will receive specials invitations that will help you continue the healing and improving of life that you have already begun by completing this challenge.

For both options, you receive an individual workbook every morning for the 9 days, with easy tasks and exercises to do in the morning, during the day, and in the evening.

Do the daily exercises as intended, or in order for each chakra, at your own pace.

9 day Chakra Challenge INTERACTIVE ONLINE Course: option 2

The online interactive course means you submit the individual workbooks you receive, the following day.

I will personally go through your answers and responses, and provide you with more helpful tools and tips for YOUR SPECIFIC situations and circumstances, to further heal and improve your life.

Please allow several days due to appointments and other challenge submissions)


Participating in the online interactive course, you will:

  • receive certification of completion...

  • be prepared for further chakra corrections for the basic and advanced courses and workshops where you will learn more specific chakra correcting tools and techniques for the 7, 11 and 14 chakra systems

  • receive invitations regarding furthering your chakra knowledge and activation regarding higher chakras, transpersonal chakras.

How to be part of the

9  day CHAKRA challenge

and your choices…


Option 1: 9 Day Chakra Challenge @ $35Au: register as a 9 day challenge participant, and merely receive the day’s challenges in your in box you receive the daily workbooks every morning for the following 9 days of purchase..


Option 2:  Interactive Online Course @ $79au:  Be part of the     

9 Day Chakra Challenge online interactive course, and not only receive the daily workbooks, but submit them with your answers the following day (or as close to the following day as possible), and receive personal advice and extra guidance, tools and healing tips, to help with your personal situations and findings relating to your submitted answers etc…

How to be part of the

9  day CHAKRA challenge

and your choices…


Option 1: 9 Day Chakra Challenge @ Au$35:


Option 2: Interactive Online Course @ Au$79: 

Please email confirmation payment to traceynichols.spiritwisdom23@gmail.com

so that your email address can get added onto contact list to receive your chakra challenge workbooks daily for the next 9 days..

To arrange bookings for any spiritual readings, Reiki Energy healings or tarot readings, check out the individual pages, or email me at traceynichols.spiritwisdom23@gmail.com


Testimonials of 9 day chakra challenge online interactive course since launched 28th October, 2019.


“I was in 2 minds about doing the 9 day chakra challenge (again) & I kept getting signs from the universe that convinced me that it's the right thing to do. I signed up & took on the challenge, I'm so glad I did. The Chakra challenge has given me more insight into myself & what needs healing, I learnt the best way on how to heal & balance each Chakra. If you're in 2 minds of doing the Chakra challenge then my advice is to take up the challenge to learn, heal & grow.” Judy T, Tenambit, NSW


"I enjoyed participating in the online interactive 9 day Chakra Challenge. It allowed me to gain further insight into each chakra and specifically what thoughts and beliefs were related to each chakra. Tracey's feedback provided valuable guidance for me in healing and balancing the chakras and my life." Rochelle, Newcastle, NSW


I was a little apprehensive to start my 9 day chakra challenge as I have done it before and I was not disciplined enough to complete the tasks the 1st time.  This time round I decided to take up the interactive course. I was really happy that I did it. I had to be disciplined and try to do the activities that were tasked. Tracey was very detailed and went through each and every activity with me and giving me in depth explanations. I must say that it is a wonderful course as throughout this course not only have I manifested my thoughts but it made me more aware of my chakras.             Charmaine, Rutherford, NSW


“The 9 day Chakra Challenge helped me become more aware of how each individual charka effects my life as well as the interrelationships between the individual chakras. I noticed my Chakras have been stronger since doing the challenge as well as more synchronicity occurrences in the outside world”     Ben, Kurri Kurri, NSW


‘While doing the 9 day chakra challenging (online interactive course) I found it hard & confronting. Facing what I really didn’t want to face but in doing so it help me heal. I am now a stronger & more confident person. I feel more aligned with in myself. Thank you Tracey for your love, support & assistance through this journey.’

Judy, Tenambit, NSW


“The 9 Day Chakra Challenge (online interactive course) how amazing was that! I began the Challenge with feelings of unworthiness and sadness. Felt like I was not coping with my current situation.

The exercises included in the Challenge were great, some way out of my comfort zone, especially the belly dancing exercise, but having a go, made me see things in a different way. To have the courage to try. Turned out to be awesome!

I now understand how, the value of using colours work for me on clearing my chakras. I can now relate to each chakra and how it relates to my body and when they are not balanced how it affects me. This information, along with working with my Angels and Guides has become a very valuable set of tools for me.

I can now work with the many affirmations, and use the amazing feedback and suggestions received from Tracey after each workbook exercise.

Would I recommend doing this Challenge to anyone? ABSOLUTELY!!!! A great big THANK YOU to Tracey.”   Moira, Newcastle, NSW