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Monthly Masterclass: DT
(Dream Therapy)


When: every 2nd Friday of month

Time: 10am- 11:30am

Cost: $30.00 

Where: Moved to Online Zoom 

Private Dream Therapy sessions are also available for 30min or 1hr appointments…

Dreams provide us with insight into our emotional and mental states and issues, as well as provide guidance and healing.

These Dream Therapy Group Sessions will provide more than mere dream interpretations and will offer other ways for your overall emotional balance & well being, and progress in achievements, in both your waking and your sleeping life.



  • Learning from your own & other's dreams

  • Dream Therapy and analysis of one or more of your dreams

  • Dream Therapy and analysis of one or more of other attendees dreams

  • Tips for further healing in any area/situation, and your waking life in general.

  1. Simply register your position every month via email or text.

  2. Submit your dreams (with the date of the morning your woke up), at least the before the day before so I can print them out ready for the masterclass.

  3. Payment for each masterclass is due BEFORE the day, so I know who & how many are attending.


    The DT zoom link for the monthly DT, will be provided after first payment of your first session.

To register your position, and receive the zoom link details, or to arrange bookings for any spiritual readings, Reiki Energy healings or tarot readings, email me at