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Angelic Coaching/Mentoring

Do you have any goals unfulfilled?

Whether in physical or emotional health, relationships, career, finances?

 Do you find yourself asking why?

Are you ready to find out?

Are you ready to fulfill your dreams?

Whether you are wanting to improve your health, improve emotional stability, or improve your relationships, career, business or financial issues etc and you are interested in making your goals manifest, you can request an informative questionnaire. By filling in and returning the questionnaire, you can begin moving closer to manifesting those yet unfulfilled goals.

All Angelic Coaching packages include a monthly treatment, to help with chakra corrections that help to remove blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs, (and so much more), as well as the Angelic Coaching/mentoring sessions that help navigate you through the changes when energetic influences change during the path of your goals & actions etc.

 Regularity of your sessions, can be: 




* With monthly treatments


Agreement Terms can be: 

Weekly and fortnightly sessions begin with 3 month term,

with option of 6 month terms

*Monthly sessions will be 6 month terms


In the 1st Angelic coaching session, you will:

* Find where there are energy blocks and how they are affecting your life

* Have a clearer vision on how to achieve your goals

* Uncover hidden challenges and what is influencing you

* Be given several actions to take

* Leave the session feeling inspired to improve your life and manifest your goals.

Every Angelic coaching session, we will:

Discuss the previous actions taken

Discuss any new fears that may have come up​

Provide with new actions to take until the next session.

Each session will be in accordance of the progress made from each session as they are tailored to your own progress & pace that is right for you, as Spirit guides you through the current energies & influences that surround you & your goals.

Your initial reading will show you

  • Where & what energies & influences have lead you where you are today & where you are on your journey towards your goal

  • Where & what energies & influences are surrounding you or the situation at present

  • Where the past & present energies & influences are leading you in the immediate future.

  • What is currently supporting you or the situation

  • The immediate best course of action to take

  • A course of action to help release what is currently holding you down or holding you back

Regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly Archangel Life Coaching

sessions you will:

  • Create crystal clear list of your desires, intentions & goals

  • Uncover hidden challenges... from your own beliefs & mindset,       & as shown by your Guides & Angels, as well as why & when

  • Learn the immediate best course of action to take towards manifesting your goals & desires

  • Leave the session feeling renewed & inspired


Every weekly, fortnight or monthly session will help you navigate through:

  • Where & what energies & influences are currently surrounding you & your desires/intentions since the previous coaching session

  • The hidden & not so hidden challenges you are currently facing, & why

  • What is currently supporting you & how to utilise this support & the supporting energies

  • The immediate best course of action to take, & how to implement it

  • Whatever else is shown & needed by you at the time..

Individual Sessions:

Standard 1hr  =  $100/session

Extended 1.5hrs = $150/session

Monthly Treatment @$155

PREMIUM Sessions:

Standard 1hr PREMIUM

$125 /weekly session or $150/fortnightly session 

Extended 1.5hrs PREMIUM

$175 /weekly session or $200/fortnightly session

PREMIUM advantages include:

Extra correspondence & assistance between sessions 

10% off special events

Priority and special offer/invitation to all special events and workshops.

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