I am a Reiki Master/Teacher (since 2003), Cert. Angel Intuitive with Advanced Training, Certified Angel Practitioner, Certified Archangel Life Coach, Chakra & Aura Therapist, Crystal Therapist, Dream Therapist, Advanced ThetaHealing practitioner, Animal Intuitive & Feng Shui & Paranormal Investigations, & have been teaching Reiki professionally since 2005..Though I keep the Reiki workshops to Reiki itself, I still teach the development of medical intuition in my workshops & Reiki shares..


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Reiki is an ancient Japanese hands on & non-invasive healing technique that channels the Universal life force energy that helps relieve pain & symptoms from sudden, acute or chronic ailments & symptoms. It speeds the natural healing process of the physical symptoms, as well as the causes of these symptoms, by working on all physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels. It is great for emotional & physical symptoms of stress, anxiety, & relaxation, & depression. Reiki also works well as prevention as it clears the toxins from within the body

& wards off disease by strengthening the immune system. Reiki acts where needed most, according to the individual’s needs & brings all aspects of the receiver's being into harmonious balance by making its way to the areas of imbalance, whether this is physical or emotional. It is suitable & safe for all ages, from babies to the elderly, including animals. Reiki puts you in a state of complete relaxation & harmonious balance, for your own highest good & for your personal & individual needs.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese hands on healing technique that helps relieve pain & symptoms from sudden, acute or chronic ailments. It speeds the natural healing process & treats the causes of the ailment as well as the physical symptoms by working on all physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels. It is great for stress, relaxation & depression. It clears the toxins from within the body & wards off disease by strengthening the immune system & so also works for the prevention of illness. Reiki acts where needed most, according to the individual’s needs & brings all aspects of the receiver's being into harmonious balance by making its way to the areas of imbalance. It is suitable & safe for all conditions, & all ages, from babies to the elderly, including animals.


*Complementary, natural healing method     

* Simplest, safest & profound healing system known to mankind  

*Reiki is the highest form of healing energy- it is always safe & can never cause harm    

*No belief or belief system is required – this is why it works on babies, animals & plants  

*Reiki does not conflict with religious beliefs, so it is a teaching that can be used by anyone

*Reiki energy is transmitted simply by the placing of hands on the patient or in the energy field (aura) of the patient through chakras in the palms

*Reiki is not sent or taken from the practitioner but flows through the practitioner & asists in speeding the natural healing process of the body

*Can be combined with other healing methods

*Once attuned, benefits last a lifetime, whether consciously use the energy or not

*Gives you the ability to heal yourself, & others

*Reiki begins to flow when you touch something & is always on

*Not only heals the physical body but towards healing the causes & all effects of the imbalance

*Can be incorporated into your daily life

*Does not interfere with medical treatments- actually enhances medications

*Cannot ‘overdose’ – once reiki is no longer needed, it simply stops flowing

*Reiki is an excellent tool for healing problems & manifesting positive outcomes to numerous situations

Attunement to Reiki, & learning how to heal yourself & others of those present. 

By Appointment - Bookings essential    

Time: 9am - 6pm         

Availability: 1 -2 people 
(3-4 if private booked as a group of family or friends)
Cost: $300 per person

Follow Up: $50 per person

Cost Includes: Reiki 1 Handbook, attunement, tea & coffee. Shops are close by for half hour lunch break.

Follow up cost includes: (at least 1 month later): discussion of experiences & self practice, Q&A,

extra Reiki 1 techniques workbook, &   certificate.

Phone 0405 559 561 to book a workshop, or to book your position in an already booked workshop.


'Thanks for a great two days. I have many new leads now for my own spiritual development. Through doing Reiki with you, I was already aware of life force energy, but that knowledge has now been expanded. 'BECOMING SPIRIT WISE', (BECOMING SPIRIT WISE 2 day INTENSIVE held in June, 2012) is a great complementary course for Reiki though I can see how it would benefit people as a stand alone course too. Thanks to the workshop I have gained knowledge & awareness of alternate aspects of life that one usually does bot become aware of. I have lots of information to reflect on why things happen & I have alternate ways of viewing things that happen & those around  me. I am fascinated by dream interpretation & was pleased to learn ways to recall, remember, & interpret my dreams'        Ian (Went on to Reiki Master Practitioner)

"The workshop was conducted very professionally. The information presented was very informative & satisfying. Small number of people in the group allowed us to ask as many questions as we could come up with & receive answers to all of them. The hands on experience was especially enjoyable as we could put in use the knowledge which was acquired during the workshop. The room in which the workshop was conducted was very inspirational, warm & fresh. I liked it a lot. I had fun & I've learned a lot. Will always recommend this to others."  Averil (Went on to Reiki 2 before being transferred out of state)

"I thoroughly enjoyed Reiki 1. Tracey made me feel very comfortable. It was easy to learn because of the examples Tracey used. It was a very educational, relaxed & fun day."   Tricia (Went on to Reiki Master Practitioner)

"I had a wonderful experience full of knowledge, wisdom & fun.  I know that is the start of of a great journey. I highly recommend this to everyone even if you're only slightly interested as the rewards are unending."   Suzanne WL (Went on to Reiki Master Teacher)

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Reiki 1 workshops booked with positions still available :


* Thursday, 5th May, 2022.....Full

* Saturday, 14th May, 2022..... 1 position still available

OR contact me to organise a future date that suits you (4-6 weeks away)

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