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Weekly Meditation

In East Maitland, 2323,  NSW

However, due to pandemic, it is currently being enjoyed online via Zoom

Cost: $20.00 or $25 to attend & receive recording.

(NB: Once attended, whenever you cannot attend,

you can still get the guidance & meditation through the recording.)

Every Wednesday- 11am - 12:30pm 

Once everyone has been admitted from the waiting room in zoom, everyone's individual Topic & Actions regarding the topic for the week are chosen from my SYMBOLIC SIGNS & SYMBOLS Wisdom Cards, for those in attendance, as well as those receiving the recording.

I then put everyone on mute & begin the meditation by calling in Archangel Michael again, for protection during our meditation/s to ensure only those of the loving & positive energies can join us.

I personally channel & guide you through a meditation for teaching, healing & guidance with your Guides, Angels, teachers or deceased loved ones, depending on what I am guided by Spirit to do.

Often, BARTHOLOMEW gives me a channelled message (written) to share to the group & post of my facebook page during the meditation itself.

I allow time for the writing of meditations before attendees unmute themselves.


An individual Healing Technique for the week is chosen from my HEALING & GOOD HEALTH Wisdom Cards.


And then we finish by choosing individual 3min mudra & mantra technique for everyone to do to end the session.

The morning is always guided by Spirit as to what meditations are performed, for the highest good & healing of the participants, & photos of all cards chosen are sent via text for your visual records.

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