Remote Readings (Zoom or Phone)

Whether in person, or via zoom or phone, all guidance & information comes directly BARTHOLOMEW & the BEINGS OF LIGHT), the group who work with & through me), & so all guidance & information comes directly from the higher realms.. (Guides, Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels, Animal Guides), & your Deceased Loved Ones should they also come through, through clairvoyance, clairsentience, & clairaudience, with or without psychometry, Tarot Cards, or Symbolic Signs & Symbols Wisdom Cards. 

Readings are always guided by Spirit for what is best & needed by the client at the time of the reading, & may also include Angelic Therapy

Strictly by appointment only

Short   (¾ hr) .........  $80


Standard  (1 hr) ..........$100 

Extended (1½ hrs) ....$150

Past Life Tarot Therapy (1½hrs)...$155

To be paid in advance prior to booked zoom or phone appointment.
Please email notification  of your payment so that appointments still available can be provided, or if prefer to bank transfer payment.
NB-  Once payment has been received, I will text you confirmation,
& text and email zoom link.
Either call me or log into the zoom link, at the booked time/appointment.

To Book A Time:


Phone 0405 559 561 





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Best Course of Action to Take: 5 position spread that includes Past & Present influences & situation, the likely outcome, the best course of action for you to take, & what is currently supporting you. - can be general, or regarding specific area/s.

10 Card Tarot- Past, Present influences & information, what your best courses of action to take are, what is currently supporting you, current internal & external influences, & likely outcome & likely time frame, as well as for the next few months- general or regarding specific area/s 

PAST LIFE Tarot Therapy : 16 card spread that helps heal this life time from any past life issues, by finding things like how your health was, how you died, what challenges you had, & how they affect your current life, what challenges carried over & how you can heal them, as well as what strengths you carried over & how you can utilise these strengths in your current life, as well as if any current family members are from a past life & how they affect this life time, & much more......Readings can be for: a) a past life that has the most impact on this current life, or 
b) the past life connected to a particular situation or recurring issue in your life, eg, fears/phobias, depression, relationship, health or career issues, or even sexual abuse etc.

SYMBOLIC SIGNS & SYMBOLS Wisdom Cards- My own created oracle cards that Spirit chooses for extra guidance, or in a spread, for specific area or question or general, that not only gives you immediately guidance, but also teaches you how to begin using symbolism & learning what certain things symbolically mean as signs from your Guides & Angels, in your everyday environment. 

Mediumship- Deceased Loved Ones often naturally come through in any of the above psychometry & card readings through mediumship. 

Angelic Therapy- Working with Archangels Michael & Raphael, to cleanse the aura, remove daggers, or cut cords & attachments, or to cleanse balance or activate chakra/s. (Reiki may also be given if guided). This is whenever Spirit shows what is needed & may or may not be part of the reading.

To arrange bookings for any spiritual readings, Reiki Energy healings or tarot readings, check out the individual pages, or email me at