Start Build Run Your Business



Are you interested in starting, building, & running your own Reiki, healing, spiritual or psychic business?

If you are:

✔️considering starting a healing or reading business,

✔️ you already have a business but not sure if you have all the legal information,

✔️ simply want some ideas as to how to run your business more successfully,

✔️ simply wanting to expand with more ideas etc,

✔️✔️✔️✔️then this workshop is for you!

You may be interested in the ‘SBR Your Business’ workshop, or online video course.


I have helped many students begin their own Reiki or psychic business.

With this workshop, now also as an online video course, I know that anyone interested in starting their own business, does so will ALL necessary information required, from the very first thought of becoming a professional, to building & running a successful professional Reiki or Psychic business.


‘Start Build Run Your Business’ workshop, & ‘Start Build Run Your Business’ Online video course, includes information regarding all spiritual, physical, practical & legal information in starting your healing or psychic business.

It includes everything you need to know so that you can successfully & easily start, advertise & professionally run your business, whether full or part time.


This workshop will provide you with information for:

  • Spiritual intentions & protocols for your business

  • Equipment required

  • General Administration

  • ABN (Australian Business number) & RBN (Registered Business Name)

  • Advertising & suggestions for getting yourself out there

  • Memberships & Insurance

  • Legal & Tax requirements

  • Professional code of ethics & practice

  • Business accounts & book keeping forms

  • Client forms & records

  • & so much more

Time: 10:00am -4pm ( currently online only)


Cost: $150

Deposit:  $50 non-refundable deposit
Balance: $100 balance due on the first day

(FREE Heart to Heart: 'The Path To Wellness' with deposit)

$50 Deposit

$150 full Payment

On hold due to pandemic..

So please  purchase the online video course.

SBR Your Business

Online Video Course


When: As Soon As You Purchase

Where: In Your Home

Time: Anytime (Almost 5 hours of videos (7)


1hr Q&A Online Masterclass via Zoom..

(Same length as an in person workshop)

Cost: $150

SBR Your Business Online Video Course

Or Transfer Payment to:

Greater Bank

BSB- 637-000


A/c No: 713 388 335

Ref: Your Name & SBR

This is what past students have said:


Q) How did the workshop help you?

“It helped me immensely and opened up my eyes to what I really wanted to do.”


“It gave me more ideas than I thought I ever had regarding my business, and where I haven’t been going right and what I could do to make it better.”


“I really enjoyed the workshop and really appreciate having it before Christmas for me.”


Q) What was the biggest valuable information you got from the workshop?

“Several- the workbook as a whole so that I could go over it, especially with the website and other contact details that were included, and that has so much indepth information.”


“Wow, where to begin. Knowing what I have been doing and not working for me and learning how to correct it, and already that has really helped, as well as what I didn’t really know, such as the legal stuff and requirements.”


“The content as a whole was great. But I would say the tax and book keeping section was great.”


Q) What information in the workshop did you already know, but you still got something out of the information given?

“I already knew about the ABN & RBN, but I didn’t realise it was cheaper than I thought it was to get it set up.”


“I already knew about letting Centrelink know about the business, but I didn’t know about the P&L forms. I was also told a dearer price for RBN, and so after the workshop, enquired again to find it was much cheaper than told by an outside source.’


“I already knew a lot of the information covered, but you had gone into more detail.”


Q) What would you like to know more about that was mentioned in the workshop?

“At this time, I don’t know as the workshop covered everything and so much.”


“More about markets & festivals and how they work and who to go through that you mentioned will provide contact details if interested.”


“The information was well researched and presented as not to overwhelm.”


Q) What have you discovered since doing the workshop?

“Having all the information made it easier to start up. I felt confident to talk about it and found myself finally able to walk my talk.”


“It made it easier to make the changes and prioritise my existing business and was able to get onto making the changes immediately. I also changed my business name.”


“I have discovered that I can run my Reiki business as a business and not just a hobbie or part time thing.”


Q) Would you recommend the workshop to others who are interested in starting or building a spiritual, healing or reading business?

“I already have been.”

“Yes definitely”

“Yes I will certainly recommend the course for anyone thinking of starting up their own healing business.”