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Face to Face in Person or Remotely Via Zoom

I work with BARTHOLOMEW & the BEINGS OF LIGHT (the group who work with & through me), & so all guidance & information comes directly from the higher realms.. (Guides, Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels, Animal Guides), through clairvoyance, clairsentience, & clairaudience.

Your PAST LIFE Tarot Therapy reading may also include Angelic Therapy, & will always be guided by Spirit for what is best & needed by you at the time of your reading.

TAROT for PAST LIFE THERAPY Readings consists of a 16 card spread that helps heal this life time from any past life issues, by finding things like: 

>>>> how your health was,

>>>> how you died,

>>>> what challenges you had,

>>>> how they affect your current life,

>>>> what challenges carried over from that life

>>>> other challenges & how you can heal them,

 >>>> what strengths you carried over from that life & how you can utilise these strengths in your current life,

>>>> who, if any, current family members, are from a past life & how they affect this life time,

 >>>> & much more......


Readings can be for

a) a past life that has the most impact on this current life, or 

b) the past life connected to a particular situation or recurring issue in your life, 
eg, fears/phobias, depression, relationship, health or career issues, or even sexual abuse etc.

In Person Appointments or Remote Via Zoom

TAROT for PAST LIFE THERAPY (1- 1½ hr)............... $160

NB: $170 video recorded

To arrange bookings for any spiritual readings, Reiki Energy healings or tarot readings, check out the individual pages, or email me at

To Book An Appointment:
Phone 0405 559 561
or use the 'contact me' tab
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