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Distant Reiki ANIMAL


1) Real Time Distant Treatments

via zoom at a booked time or

2) Organised to be sent & received at a pre-arranged & booked time, or

3)  to be received on a pre-determined night while your pet is sleeping. 

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Reiki is an ancient Japanese hands on & non-invasive healing technique that channels the Universal life force energy that helps relieve pain & symptoms from sudden, acute or chronic ailments & symptoms. It speeds the natural healing process of the physical symptoms, as well as the causes of these symptoms, by working on all physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels. It is great for emotional & physical symptoms of stress, anxiety, & relaxation, & depression. Reiki also works well as prevention as it clears the toxins from within the body

& wards off disease by strengthening the immune system. Reiki acts where needed most, according to the individual’s needs & brings all aspects of the receiver's being into harmonious balance by making its way to the areas of imbalance, whether this is physical or emotional. It is suitable & safe for all ages, from babies to the elderly, including animals. Reiki puts you in a state of complete relaxation & harmonious balance, for your own highest good & for your personal & individual needs.

Full Body & Chakra Balancing

Distant Reiki Treatment

For Animals/Pets

  1. A Chakra Analysis is performed to find the state of your pet's chakras, which can be open, open yet underactive or overactive, stagnant, closed or blocked.

  2. A Full Body Reiki is then performed clairvoyantly & distantly to a number of positions of the head area, the chakras, & front & back legs & paws.

  3. All guidance & information is received from the amount of Reiki drawn, & where the Reiki is being drawn, as well as directly from Guides & Angels. 

  4. Angelic Therapy is also performed whenever guided by Spirit during your pet's treatment, & is whatever is needed by your pet, your pet's Higher Self, & for their highest good & healing.

  5. Option 1) Findings & impressions are shared immediately with your (the pet owner), after the treatment, & what you noticed with your pet during the treatment, or option 2 & 3) A fully typed report of all findings, impressions & Angelic Performed is sent to you via email the day AFTER your pet would have received the Reiki to help validate any of personal experiences & what you noticed with your pet, during the receiving of energy.

Treatments are paid in advanced

with an appointment to connect via zoom,

or time or night booked for receiving the Reiki.

Option 1: Real Time Distant Treatment

By appointment & we connect via Zoom & go through same process as if in person for humans..discussion before treatment, treatment, discussion of findings & impressions etc, after the treatment

Option 2: By appointment time - Hopefully your pet is laying down at time of treatment. I will call for brief medical history or update before your pet's treatment & again after treatment to discuss findings/impressions.

Option 3: Receive at night. Fully typed report sent via email, the day after treatment.

         First Initial treatment = $155

            Further treatment/s = $155

Please note that a zoom link will be provided once payment has officially been received & appointment time booked.

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To arrange a time for you to receive the Remote Distant Reiki...



Phone 0405 559 561 





NB- Please email me a photo of your pet/animal

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