Clearing & Removing ENERGY BLOCKS


From your chakras, meridians, aura, energy bodies, home & life

In this workshop you will learn:


* How to recognise blocks in your chakras
* How to remove & clear the blocks from your chakras
* How to cleanse your chakras of negative energies
* How to correct underactive, stagnant & closed chakras
* How to recognise blocks in your meridians

* How to remove & clear the blocks from your meridians
* How to cleanse your aura of negative energies
* How to heal & correct imbalances within your aura
* How to remove & clear blocks from your energy body
* How to send energy to a chosen path & outcome
* How to clear & cleanse blocks & negative energies from your home
* How to positively energise & activate areas of your home
* How to heal & clear blocks in whatever situation you are currently experiencing
* How to TRANSFORM your current life.......

NB: A clear quartz pendulum is required at this workshop so please bring your own or you can purchase one at the workshop...$10, $12 & $15 quartz pendulums available..


(New Moon )


Time: 10am- 5pm


Cost : $150

Deposit: $50 non-refundable deposit to secure your position

Balance: $100 balance on morning of workshop)
Deposit Due

            $50 Deposit


    $65 Deposit with book

$150 Full Cost

$165 Full Cost with Book

Purchase the book, HEART TO HEART: The Path to Wellness for only $15 when you pay the deposit for this workshop.

Please send an email to confirm registration & payment for this workshop.

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